WISE High School

Photo of Students

WISE High School challenges high school women who show academic promise and interest in science, math, and engineering by engaging participants in unique experiences at Stony Brook University (SBU), and other facilities such as Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

WISE High School is a three year after-school program involving new students each fall from local participating high schools. The goals are to expose the girls to the variety within science through hands-on experience.

Together with a teacher from each participating high school, the tenth grade girls engage in different activities throughout the year, learning about different fields within science and engineering. During eleventh grade, the participants have a more sustained experience as they engage in a semester long group project at the University. During the twelfth grade, the students are responsible to continue to be involved in science in an individual project, take an introductory science or math course through Stony Brook's Young Scholars program, or work on a group project.

Graduates of the WISE high school program have gone on to prestigious colleges and universities, many receiving scholarships and entrance into special programs based on their achievements in the WISE program. Current data indicate that almost 40% of the WISE graduates are studying the physical sciences, engineering, computer science or math in college. Another 40% are studying the biological sciences, with the intention of doing scientific research and going on to professional or graduate school.

Unlike the college program , the high school program does not accept individual applicants. WISE High School partners with participating school districts, each of which has a teacher liaison for each grade level.


Q: Where is the High School Application?

A: WISE does not accept individual applications to the High School program. Speak with your school district to see if they may be interested in participating or to request more information.

Q: Is there a fee to participate in WISE?

A: Yes. Schools should contact WISE or Eastern Suffolk BOCES for fee and reimbursement information.

Q: Does WISE offer a summer program?

A: No. WISE is an after-school program. However, there are summer science and engineering programs at Stony Brook University.

Q: What age group does WISE serve?

A: High school sophomores through seniors.